Mindset and A Change of the Guard

Podcast episode interview with Mari Corona, of Living in MommyWood

This week I’m so excited! I am doing an interview Mari Corona, photographer and writer who empowers, motivates and inspires through images and words. So powerful! But that’s not the only reason- she’s also a strong advocate of Holistic Wellness, Self-Care & Creativity & using these mediums as Art Healing Therapy tools for manifesting her Best life.

And that’s what we’re getting into this week. 

If you’d rather listen to the episode because it is so powerful, you can take a listen from the link below!

We went from intergenerational healing, parenting and cultural trauma to mindful living and its part 1 of 2!

So you know there’s a lot to unpack.

This is a conversation that is full of truth, vulnerability, and intentionally aligning with who you are meant to be through the art of healing. 

And that deserves a full break down and a full breadth of insight and peeling apart the layers. 

And because today was the 46th Inauguration and we now have our first Madam Vice President I thought I’d share with you a letter I wrote for my daughter. 

A Letter to my Daughter, on this Most Historic Day: Kamala Harris, a Woman of Color is Madam Vice President!

Today, was the Inauguration of the 46th president of the United States. While that’s significant, it’s not usually earth-shattering in my world. 

But this time it’s different. This time there’s hope on the horizon. 

For one, we are stepping out of the fog that was the 45th President, full of divisive language and rhetoric that created dangerous factions of unrest. 

It was a constant test of just doing the next right thing- just like Anna says. 

It wasn’t always easy. In fact, it sometimes took a source of strength I don’t think most are capable of exerting, so we fell into the norm of combative discourse.

The constant arguing and fighting was incessant. Maybe that word is too big but it was just constant. 

But do you know what today means?

Today means that darkness has not won, it has not stayed. We proved we are capable of falling and getting back up. 

For the rest of the letter, click the link here!

Some Thoughts…

There’s a healing that needs to happen, not just within the US but worldwide.

It’s a powerful feeling when you’re able to look back on the other side of trauma. We as people carry that around us, for so long. We feel resentful, angry, triggered by so much these days but those wounds didn’t begin in adulthood. They may not have even begun in your lifetime.

If you haven’t seen Frozen, just listen to the song The Next Right Thing from Frozen 2- it’s deep in the way you can express trauma and depression to children.

Just do the next right thing. Take a step, step again. It is all that I can to do. The next right thing. I won’t look too far ahead. It’s too much for me to take

Anna, The Next Right Thing, Frozen 2

Let’s All Do The Next Right Thing

Change doesn’t happen overnight, if it’s true, impactful and heals- it’s going to take time. That’s why it’s so important to heal before we move forward. And I mean really heal, not tout to the masses that they need unity. That’s just hiding the real problem underneath rhetoric without doing the real work.

Healing is uncomfortable and hard, because you have to pick at scabs you thought had healed but you just forgot about them. Or tried to, but I’m sure they came up in other ways. In lashing out at others, mistrust, hate, living with an angry cloud overhead.

I really believe we all resonate at a vibration unbeknownst to us, learned behavior molds and shapes how that vibration grows but when you are doing the work of healing, it really is beautiful on the other side.

Yours in kind,

Jessy Santana

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