Jessy Santana

With an interest in intercultural management and diversity and inclusion, I have always asked questions about what can companies do to engage their employees and create comfortable spaces where they can freely talk about the things that most concern them.

Creating safe spaces is something that Jessy loves to do either by intention or default where people feel safe to have honest and open conversations of change. She’s created workshops, seminars, e-learning tools to share with people about the need to engage and create diversity because when we listen to others whose opinions are different we learn more and advance our own knowledge of where we need to go.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

While companies and organizations are usually where people forget that they are individuals, it is those differences that allow us to make great leaps forward. Rather than ignoring the differences and trying to make everyone the same- we need to understand these differences and use them to our advantage.

Whether you’re a baby boomer, gen-x, millenial or barely entering the workforce we all have strengths and weaknesses that help guide change for the better. Being able to adjust and remain flexible with change is an important aspect of the way the world needs to work now. We can no longer sit content doing the same thing again and again. Times and technologies have changed and we must change along with it.

Remain flexible and eager to learn

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