Are You A Culture-Driven Leader?

What can you do today to build an organization that empowers organizational change, innovation, and leadership that understands Inclusion & Belonging?

Empowering Emerging Leaders

Inclusion & Belonging is not just a pipeline issue, it requires organizations to envelop change first. It’s time to create brave spaces of Intentional Inclusivity and Fierce Belonging.

The best people to drive change are those that are empowered to do so. They may not have the big titles, but they have energy and ideas. These emerging leaders are an organizations greatest asset to learn, take actionable steps, and make true systemic organizational change.

What We Do


The Right Solutions for the Right Problem

Understanding the challenges facing your organization are a pivotal step in creating the right kind of solutions. We’ll help guide through the Intentional Conversations for Change all Leaders should be having with their staff now!

It’s always about connecting the right people to come together to solve the right problem. Once you know what your problem is, the people you need in order to come up with a solution and what that solution might be- you’re golden. Let us help you with the process.

Culture-Driven Leaders

Inclusive Thought Leadership

Empowered Changemakers



Changing mindsets, skillsets, and behaviors require action-oriented learning experiences. Our programs empower individuals and teams to learn, innovate and grow.


Join the Culture-Driven Community!

An empowered individual is one thing but an empowered community? We’re building the community for Culture-Driven leaders, want to join us?

Empowered Community


Advance Ideas

Data-driven Metrics

The Blog

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Ongoing professional and personal development that focuses on leadership, inclusion and belonging fostering innovation and greater team dynamics.

What Our Customers are Saying

Patrice M. Palmer, CEO ERoot

I had the immense honor and privilege of working with Jessy. It was a great opportunity to speak truth to power where her insight and passion for DEI was as contagious as my own.”

Kim Johnson, DEI Consultant

“Jessy Santana is a highly dedicated, intuitive and organized strategist, communicator and learner. “


Emmanuelle Chassé, Startup Addict

“Jessy is a true professional. She is organized, analytic and confident in her abilities. Her passion for the work she does is contagious. Working with Jessy was easy and direct. A true leader! ”

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