Living a Life Away From Obligation and Living With Intention

Personal development and professional development are at a standstill and we are at the precipice of a new frontier. We have the potential to understand that while we may be learning skills at work, those aren’t the only skills that matter. Why are they called soft skills when most people in the world are not great at retaining these?



We are no longer living a life where following a direct plan will makes sense for most people. We are living in a world where there are countless possibilities for learning. Whether online, in person, at a conference or workshop and even in a hybrid environment. So what’s stopping us from going forward and consuming all the knowledge of the world?

For one, the world is no longer a rigid place where if you go to a certain school or if you have certain friends or if you learn a certain set of skills everything will line up. Yes, it can still happen but is that the norm? No. We are constantly bombarded with new information that affects not only how we live our lives but how our work lives are meant to be lived as well.

While living a life where everything is set out for you seems like a convenient life. You are told if you complete this set of requirements then you will live this kind of life. While this may have still been the case even several years ago, through economic crises and disruptive government changes and distracting bombardment of the outside world; it’s no longer the case today.

Some people who thought they were close to retirement have had to extend their time in the workforce in order to pay for their retirement. Others have been pushed out of industries that they helped create because their skills were no longer necessary and they weren’t given alternatives. Others still were entering the workforce not having the appropriate skills in order to live engaged lives because they were more concerned with being able to pay off student debt than finding a career rather than a job.

So we have a bunch of unfulfilled people looking for more. This more may take on different meanings to different people. We are not all built the same but if we are looking that means we have more in common than we could ever have differences. We may not be taking the same path but we could work in the same constructive direction.

So why is that when we run out of options we seem to somehow create our own path? Was that the path we were supposed to be on all along? It seemed only after all of these “potentially” viable options no longer became viable that our true path appears to us. Is that true? Or did we live in fear of our own choices? Or own passions and abilities?

Sometimes because we are so focused on doing the right thing, creating the right life, we fail to see how flexible we need to remain in our choices because as much as you plan for life, sometimes life has other plans. We are not always in control of the things that happen to us but we do control of how we react to the events in our lives.

So if you’ve been let go at work, why not create and learn a new skill? If you’ve been working like a dog all your life in order to have a life you don’t enjoy, maybe it’s time to reassess and re-evaluate if this is your path? For those with financial responsibilities and constrictions are there other sources of income we could be taking advantage of in order to help us move forward. Something that people always make fun of me for is my love of the library, not only does it have great resources but they often have classes and workshops (usually for free) to continue learning for the betterment of one’s own life.

Being open and receptive to change allows us to not get stuck in our mundane lives and if worst comes to worst it allows us to become adaptable, which is one of the most important skills in today’s world above all else. We can no longer take comfort in the fact that certain skillsets will always be needed. There may be a few, but there may be none and being able to adapt to whatever may come your way is some thing great to have starting now, if you didn’t have it before.

Think of it in the following manner:

must have


The benefits of remaining flexible throughout life both personally and professionally outweigh the negatives, if there are any. This of course doesn’t mean to always jump around or never make plans and complete them but to always be open to possibility, whether its people or professional every obstacle must become a challenge to overcome.


Until next time…

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Young and looking for purpose. Currently suffering from an early mid-life crisis but working my way through the muck of the frivolous extras and hoping to come out on the other side with some great battle scars. Life is only lived if you're living it!

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